Tuesday, February 14, 2017


This is our new Homeward Trails foster Corrie.  Corrie is likely to be a special foster as she is likely a soon-to-be mom, our first pregnant dog.  We are busy making preparations, attempting to arrange for a whelping box

Corrie's story is not uncommon.  Discovered last week, she was quickly cared for by the local welfare league, transferred to Homeward Trails for care, and then transferred to a temporary foster home - where she had to confront the incumbent tenants.  Fortunately, the incumbents, our own rescue dogs, have come to learn the foster dog routine and become part of the care and nurture of our house guest. Our hound is affectionately known as "Uncle Romeo," playing with the visiting pups in our yard.

Corrie is a trooper, and immediately went on a tour of her new temporary house.  She was obviously loved and responds well to affection.  Like many fosters, she has quickly become quite comfortable (a.k.a. spoiled) in our house.

She is beginning to show, looking a wee bit wide in the mid section.  And like any good mom, she is eating for 2.... er..... make that 6.... who knows!

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